RenewAlert Explanation Video

In this short 2 minute video, we present RenewAlert as a unique SaaS tool that allows users to manage all of the time sensitive recurring tasks of their business in one easy to use solution.  Letter of Intent reminders are just the tip of the iceberg, this solution will protect your customers from all kinds of automatic renewals, escalations in pricing, and from paying for goods and services they no longer use.  In addition, it protects your customers from forgetting about permits, registrations, certifications, and critical aspects of their business.  The ROI on this is amongst the highest you will ever see for customers of all sizes.

The majority of companies have trouble tracking when a lease ends and remembering to send in their Letter of Intent 120 days prior to that date.  Imagine what else is not being tracked and how much that is costing them each month.  The cost savings you can pull with this solution become part of your overall savings presented in your proposal.


ZBA Solutions is where companies turn when they need innovative solutions that can be easily customized to their industries and quickly implemented. Most software out there is complicated and expensive. We believe if its too complicated, it wont get used. Implementation success often is tied to the learning curve associated with a new platform. Our SaaS solutions are easy to use, reasonably priced, effective, generate ROI, and are needed by businesses of all sizes. We are not a Sales Organization, we are a Solutions Provider.

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