Titan-8 Video Preview

The following link is a short video summary of our Titan-8 Asset Management software. This is a SaaS platform that tracks small to large fleets of office copiers, printers, computers, servers, phone systems, medical devices and much more. Titan has integrated asset logistical service requests in the platform as well as service and upgrade requests. This software is an excellent solution for accounts with large fleets of equipment and/ or multiple locations. Titan-8 provides an easy to use platform to manage our customer’s IT assets.

ZBA Solutions is where companies turn when they need innovative solutions that can be easily customized to their industries and quickly implemented. Most software out there is complicated and expensive. We believe if its too complicated, it wont get used. Implementation success often is tied to the learning curve associated with a new platform. Our SaaS solutions are easy to use, reasonably priced, effective, generate ROI, and are needed by businesses of all sizes. We are not a Sales Organization, we are a Solutions Provider.

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