Titan-8’s SaaS Asset Management solution that is designed to manage fleets of office equipment for accounts of all sizes.


Most companies track their office equipment on a spreadsheet.  That process is time consuming and incredibly difficult to manage.  Equipment relocations may not always get updated resulting in companies not knowing where their equipment is located.  This can cause problems with the leasing company, delays in getting equipment serviced, expenses paying renewal payments (or buying lost equipment), and employee hours trying to locate equipment.


With Titan-8 our users can upload a spreadsheet with their fleet information into our system in 5 minutes or less.

Once the database is loaded, the user can easily see where every device is located.  If the user clicks on a device, it will open a summary of that unit which includes the lease information, location, serial number, dealer ID, and the history of the device.

Need to relocate a unit from one city to another?  With Titan-8 simply open the unit to be relocated, click on “relocate device” and enter the address then click “submit”.  Titan-8 will reply with a pricing quote for you to approve.  Titan-8 has partnered with Offsite Office Equipment Storage who specializes in the transportation and handling of Office Equipment.  The pricing for relocations, lease returns, storage, hard drive replacement, and recycling is discounted significantly below what most customers would be quoted if they searched for a carrier online.  Offsite is also an approved transportation company by all OEMs.  Once the move is completed, the address is updated in the software for that device.

If a device needs service or supplies, Titan-8 can help!  Simply click on the device that requires service and enter in what the symptoms are for the unit that needs repair.  An email will be sent to the dealer’s service department and will be logged in the history of the device.  If an upgrade is due, by clicking “upgrade” for a device, the information will be emailed to the sales representative you have listed for that unit.

Meter reads can be tracked on the system and exported to be sent out as needed.

Titan-8 works with all dealers and OEMs.  We understand many major accounts work with different suppliers in different markets.  One platform for all of your suppliers.  No software to load on your server or access requested.

The software is designed to be very user friendly and can be learned in about 30 minutes.  It will also track computers, servers, phone systems, mailing systems, and other office technology.